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Harold White 2(finished)
Harold White 2(finished) by froggerduncan14 - FroggerDuncan14
Harold white is back and better than ever and is now incorporating CGI for the space scenes. Before for the first one I built a ship and drew a space sheet and tied string on the spaceship to make the space scenes. This time I will be using Blender to make the space scenes.
When I first started out before I even wrote the story I took four days to make the spaceship. I watched tutorials to make the asteroids and such but the spaceship...well, I wanted it to look like a real version of the toy ship from the first one, and that is why it took so long...On day 1 I used 123D Catch, as well as pictures on the ship, to make a 3d model. I had to do it several times plus the modeling took forever. Day 2 and Day 3 I used to clean up the model with the unnecessary background objects in blender. Day 4 I used to make the ship all good and ready. I placed different textures in it to make it look good and I had to cut the ship in half and took the side that looked best and copy it to the other side to make it look better.
After the ship was done I went to write the story. I even learned how to calculate how much time will slow down the faster you go since we were talking about warp drive. I am not the best at it but I think it is good enough.
A week ago I started the production part. I have been filming ever since. But to hopefully get people excited I edited the first scene of the film and uploaded it to facebook in order to show people what I can do.
Now, you might be wondering why I am posting about this. Well, the answer is simple. I would like to start doing this from now on to let people know when the film is going to be ready. you can simpley look in the title to see which part of production I am in, right now as of 9:57 6/25/15 that it is in production. When I am in the Post-production stage I will edit the title to say:
Harold White 2(post-production);
I hope I will remember to do so more with every film. what is the story you might ask? Well I guess you will find out huh? Heh heh heh...

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