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My first feature film
My first feature film by froggerduncan14 - FroggerDuncan14
Hello ladies and gentlemen, For those who know me an introduction is not necessary. For those first coming in, my name is Duncan. For almost four years now I have been making films, or "home movies". All but one of my films were made completely by myself, maybe some help with my sister. At the moment the count is 60.
A lot of them were stop motion films, in fact they were the first films I ever made. Of course, the stop motion films were easier, in fact I grew to love them, both the finish product, seeing my toys come to life, and the making of them. I loved taking the time to take pictures for hours to make an 18 second film. It was long, but it was fun and I had a good time. I figured out a "method" to my stop motion films. I learned that 10fps was the ideal frame rate for stop motion films. After about 18 stop motion shorts and a minute long "Toys the movie" I started working on animation. I did the FD14 show. I had my liveactionness(I know, made up word) interact with animation. But, I didn't have any sorta green screen things so I had to hand draw animation on top footage on my 3ds using a program called inchworm animation. I used it recently for a vine and it is still my favourite way to animate. I just thing it looks more fluid. Of course using stuff like blender or flash can make it look nicer, it doesn't look real like hand drawn animation looks. After four episodes I got bored and I bought a camcorder for actual videos and I found my love for making live action films.
I first made a short horror film. I made it black and white to make it look like an old monster film, and I even had an animation in the end by videotaping my 3ds with an animation of the monster. I went on to make film after film, horror, comedy, and even a science fiction. I made more stop motion, which were even better than the older and much more fluid. I made a film that combined my stop motion with live action and some tricks I learned how to do. The only problem was I was saving it in 4:3 which is definitely not supposed to be used. My films got better and better as I got older and now...well the purpose of this blog; I have begun working on My first Feature length film.
I feel like every film-maker has the goal of making their first feature film(unless that"s what they started doing for some reason). In any case, this is what I wanted to talk about. So far I have half the script finished, and while I would have waited to tell anyone about this but as a sophomore I am forced to do a "personal project", a project that would take all year to do, and offer something challenging to the participant so I can get my off campus pass next year. So I have to do it, and I can't stop so I figure It's probably safe to talk about it here.
The film is about a Teacher named Mr. Rabidus, who teaches kids how to make films. We learn early on that he doesn't recognize any of his students from the previous years, and that's "He's just so different now". He doesn't want to go home and he doesn't remember what happened during the summer.

Everything I have mentioned happens in the very beginning so I haven't spoiled anything. If you are a movie buff(or really even if you aren't) the story so far doesn't sound anything new. Which you might be right(I have no idea), but I while the beginning might not sound too original, the later half, plus the way it will be presented I believe it will be original and it will be enjoyable. I will not say what theme it will be(romance, tragedy, satire and irony, comedy, etc), but I will tell you what I have decided to call it. Watch for trailers that will be uploaded some time next year for my up and coming film: All The Worlds Play.

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